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In partnership with the Jewish Women's Renaissance Project, this summer 10 women from Palm Beach Gardens will experience Israel like never before...


Food. Fun. Games. Prizes. Family. Camaraderie. It was a blast!

THE CHALLAH CLUB: Your friends. Your Jewish Experience!

Enjoy fun times with good friends and bring the warm aroma of challah into your home...

Join us for Shabbat!

Enjoy an uplifting Shabbat experience in a warm, welcoming environment.


Thank you to the Firefighters and Police Officers who are on the frontlines protecting out community!

Sukkah Spectacular 2021

It was so good to see so many friends at the GJE Sukkah Spectacular! We are so happy we were able to celebrate Sukkot as a community with a sweet Kona Ice treat!

Mazel Tov to Maxwell Hudson

Maxwell’s bar mitzvah journey began a couple of years ago when we figured out when his Hebrew birthday was and then planned his Bar Mitzvah celebration for a Shabbos in December 2020.
The studying of his Torah portion, Mikeitz began and unbeknownst to us, Covid came and lasted for way longer than anyone could have imagined. The December Bar Mitzvah became Presidents weekend, then Memorial Day weekend and finally the date of Monday, June 7 was settled on.
By the time the date was finalized it gave us a FULL 7 weeks to learn, study and practice the Monday Torah reading that consisted of 14 verses. We strategized and set out a goal of mastering 2 verses a week.
Maxwell and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We originally made up to meet up on Zoom twice a week, on Monday and Thursday nights. After our first study session, Maxwell asked if we can study the next day, which I happily agreed to. Before we knew it, we were studying almost every day, either on Zoom or on the phone. After 2 and half weeks of virtual studying, he got his own pair of tefillin. As wrapping tefillin over Zoom doesn’t quite work, we segued to in-person studying. The next 4 and half weeks became a daily (except on Shabbos) in-person studying session of wrapping tefillin, practicing his Torah portion and writing his speech.
It was an amazing 7 weeks for me personally. What could be better than to engage with a young Jewish teen preparing him for his momentous milestone through studying and learning and having him embrace every second of it?!?! As I said at the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, “It was a ‘labor of love’ for me”. Maxwell certainly answered the call of the hour and embraced this beautiful 7 week journey we enjoyed together. As Maxwell remarked to me on several occasions, “This went by so quickly”.
Maxwell made us all proud and it was quite apparent to everyone, whether in person or on Zoom, that his hard work and effort paid off as he wrapped his tefillin, chanted his Torah portion and read his speech flawlessly on his Bar Mitzvah day. G-d willing this is just the beginning of Maxwell’s Jewish journey that he will continue to travel throughout his life.
Mazel Tov to Maxwell, his parents- Matt and Melissa, his sister- Harper and to all his grandparents!!! May we merit to continue and share in many more simchas and joyous occasions together!!!

Preparing for the BIG day

Bar Mitzvah Day

Middle School end of the year BBQ & Incredible Magic Show

Jewish Middle School teens end of the year BBQ & Incredible Magic Show

Mazel Tov to Sarah Kranz, Ashlyn Mandel & Ella Shuter

We started our bat mitzvah group in person before Covid hit but continued studying each week via zoom. We learned all about our female role models in the Torah, about free will, proper speech, all the Jewish Holidays and many other topics. We had a beautiful Bat Mitzvah Party celebrating Sarah, Ashlyn and Ella becoming adults according to the Torah. They each spoke so well, sharing what they learned and read a prayer beautifully. We plan to continue our studies, but as “adults” now! 

Mazel Tov to their parents, Alex and Tara Kranz, Cory and Jennifer Mandel & David and Faina Shuter. 
May we continue to share in Simchas and in joyous occasions with one another!

Mazel Tov!!!

May 5, 2021 was a BIG DAY for both Maxwell and Noah, as they practiced and put on their very own tefillin for the first time. As their bar mitzvah's are fast approaching, not only have they been working hard mastering the many verses they will be reading in the Torah but now they will be mastering wrapping tefillin as well.

Laughter Workshop & Auction

Sunday, May 23 at 11:00
Click here to RSVP

Women, enjoy a light morning of laughter and inspiration via zoom from the comfort of your home. Hear from Debbie Hirsch, how to keep smiling and laughing throughout your day. We will have an online auction as well, with lots of great items.

Couvert: $36
Please note, this Laughter Workshop is in lieu of our Annual Women's Day of Wisdom which is our big women's fundraiser each year. Please consider being a Sponsor.

Yom HaZikaron- Israel's Day of Remembrance 2021

 I had the privilege of being a part of our Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County's Yom HaZikaron (Day of Remembrance) virtual program a few nights ago. May the memories of the tens of thousands of fallen IDF soldiers, who put their lives on the line to help protect and safeguard the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, be for a blessing.
My message for Yom HaZikaron:

Yom HaShoah/ Holocaust Memorial Day

We commemorated Yom HaShoah/ Holocaust Memorial Day by hearing from a survivor. Etta shared her story with us. Her message that above all we are each a person and can overcome anything was so powerful. Her strength, wit and perseverance is so commendable. Thank you to the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County for bringing Zikaron B’Salon to our community. We also put together "Packages of Love" to be given out to Holocaust Survivors.

Havdalah in the Park

Lots of fun was had with music & dancing, s'mores, great camaraderie and of course Havdalah!!!

Mazel Tov to Ellison Abromowitz

Ellison worked diligently in preparation for the big day, as he lead the entire Shacharis service from beginning to end and read the Torah portion, flawlessly and beautifully. Mazel Tov to his parents, Daniel and Pam as well as to his brothers, Oliver and Henry. May they have much nachas from Ellison!

Hebrew School Tu B'Shevat Celebration at Joseph Russo Park

We learned about the Jewish Holiday of the Trees as we planted parsley, decorated our flower pots and enjoyed delicious fruit and snacks!

Mezuzah Hanging

Mazel Tov to Beth, Allie and Naomi on putting up a Mezuzah in your new home! 
If anyone needs mezuzah's or would like to have a mezuzah put up in your home, please reach our to Rabbi Moshe or Bruchy.

Sights & Scenes from the Chanukah Challange

Thank you Rabbi Hecht for a fantastic job at making the "Chanukah Challenge" so fun, creative and a huge success!!!

Chanukah Challange

#ProjectGiving Thanksgiving

We prepared baked goods, thank you cards and a gratitute craft to give to our local firefighters and police officers on Thaksgiving to brighten their holiday.

Shabbat Box

The Shabbat Box was a huge success and over 30 families participated!!!

Shabbat Project 2020: November 6 & 7


We are so excited to offer you a Shabbat in a box! The whole family will enjoy this! The box will include ingredients to make challah together. Grape juice, candles, cool Shabbat craft, games, treats, recipes, glow in the dark fun for musical havdalah and more!!!!

Sukkah Spectacular

 It was so good to see so many friends at the GJE Sukkah Spectacular! We are so happy we were able to celebrate Sukkot as a community in a safe and fun way! We hope to see you longer than 10 minutes next time!!!

Hebrew School Registration is Now Open!

 Dear Parents,

We are excited for Hebrew School & the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program to begin this Sunday, September 6th!


We will be beginning the year over ZOOM until..., the COVID situation allows us to return in-person comfortably.


As we were, thank G-D, able to do since mid-March, we are planning an engaging, exciting curriculum to keep everyone entertained and learning even from a distance.


Please click the link below to register:




As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have.


Looking forward to a great year ahead!!!

Rabbi Moshe and Bruchy Cheplowitz- Directors

Rabbi Yisroel Hecht- Youth Director

"Camp in a Box" Summer 2020!

Click on the link to register

Presenting the Cheplowitz Kids

The CHEPLOWITZ kids wanted to share their love of Shabbos and the holidays with all of you. Sit back, relax, enjoy the video (and bloopers) and most importantly enjoy Shabbat!

Graffiti Art Tutorial

Click on the link to register

Wishing you a happy and healthy Pesach!!!!

Enjoy this 36 second creative video of the Cheplowitz kids act out the 15 steps of the Seder. :)

Sefer Torah Campaign

Sefer Torah Campaign

THE GARDENS JEWISH EXPERIENCE SEFER TORAH CAMPAIGN is one of the most significant endeavors our organization has ever launched, and we invite the entire community to participate in this incredible opportunity.

Thanks to the commitment of a special couple in our community, Herb and Shira Sternlieb, the GJE has commissioned a scribe to write by hand the 304,805 letters for our own Torah scroll.....

To read more and to be a part of this historic Sefer Torah Campaign, please click on the LINK

Mazel Tov to Noah Goldstein

We had the great fortune of celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of Noah Goldstein on Shabbos, February 1. Noah worked diligently on his Torah reading and haftorah. All his hard work paid off as he read the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th aliyos, the Maftir, the Haftorah and his speech, so flawlessly and beautifully. Mazel Tov to his parents, Ayal Goldstein and Paula Newmark and to the entire family.

Mazel Tov to Josh and Lizzie Lerner

We had the great fortune of celebrating the bris of Jake Velvel Lerner (Yaakov Velvel) and I had the merit of being his mohel. It was very meaningful and emotional, as he was named after Josh’s mother and Lizzie’s maternal grandfather. May their memories be for a blessing. Mazel Tov to Josh and Lizzie Lerner and to his older brother, Julien Baruch! 

The Great PINK Challah Bake
Monday, October 28
Bruchy's TV interview last year with WPBF Channel 25
Bruchy's TV debut

Bruchy's TV interview last year with WPTV Channel 5
Click here
We are so excited to announce our 2nd annual “Great Pink Challah Bake” on Monday, October 28 at Meyer Preparatory. Doors open at @ 6 PM for screening. Challah Bake begins at 7 PM. 

Join other women for this momentous event.

Did you ever get screened for the BRCA Gene? Do you wonder if you’re at risk for breast or ovarian cancer? 

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we will have onsite screening for the BRCA gene and testing available by a doctor and phlebotomist. Here’s your chance, right here in Palm Beach Gardens. Must bring your insurance card. No co-pay and no deductible. Find out if you're a candidate for testing and how you can protect yourself.  We will then come together to knead, braid and socialize!!!

To RSVP and/or be a Sponsor please click on either link below:

The Great Pink Challah Bake


The Great Pink Challah Bake


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