We laughed, we cried, and we baked at the Great Pink Challah Bake

The Great Pink Challah Bake was so amazing. 
Katya Lezin, a survivor and BRCA gene carrier, shared her story with us. She was so real, so empowering and so funny!

Courtney Demri sang “The greatest love of all” and took our breath away! The song was written by a relative that passed away from breast cancer and was very meaningful. 

Thank you to our dedicated committee, who did an awesome job! Courtney Demri, Melanie Cohen, Lizzie Lerner, Paula Newmark, Shari Pearson and Carla Pisani. 
Thank you Talya Ruch for helping and pulling the decor together. It looked great!
Thank you to everyone that came!
Thank you Debby Gans for these beautiful photos!!!!
Thank you to our sponsors:


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