The Shabbos Experience

The Shabbos Experience

The first few weeks of the “Shabbos Experience” has been beautiful. The children have been learning about the Torah Portion in a fun and interactive way. The older boys have been leading the end of the services. The women have been engaged in a class on the Torah Portion with Bruchy. Everyone then joins together to enjoy each other's company over a delicious kiddush lunch.

Join the excitement and celebrate Shabbat with the GJE community at the Embassy Suites in the Verdea on the 1st floor. There will be an inspiring class, traditional services, youth programming, a delicious Kiddush lunch and of course a warm community feeling. 

Full Schedule:
9:00 AM Morning Services
10:15 AM Class with Bruchy
10:15 AM Youth Groups **
11:10 AM Sermon
11:30 AM Kiddush Lunch @ GJE Center

** The older children's group will be at the GJE Center (The children will meet at the hotel and then walk over.)
Rivkah Kranz will be leading the younger children's group at the
Embassy Suites 

Thank you to all those that have been sponsors thus far! 

"Shabbos Experience" Sponsorship Opportunities


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