About Us

The Gardens Jewish Experience is home all Jews. By offering exciting social and educational programs to the Jewish community of Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas, we give people the opportunity to learn about and enjoy our fabulously rich heritage. You can make Judaism meaningful.

Rabbi Moshe and Bruchy Cheplowitz at Gardens Jewish Experience blend tradition with innovation, making the warmth and wisdom of classical Judaism available to today’s contemporary Jew. Our classes, programs and events are for Jews of all backgrounds, regardless of previous education, background or affiliation.

Whether you’re looking for a taste of the Talmud, a spiritual boost in your marriage or family life, some help with your Hebrew or the chance to ask the questions about Jewish life and living you’ve always wanted to ask–we’re here for you.

Need a mezuzah? We make housecalls! We’ll bring our mezuzah toolbox over to your home to help you put a little holiness and protection on your doorpost.

Need a teacher? We teach chavurahs (groups). If you have a chavurah and would appreciate a fascinating discussion on any Jewish topic of your choice, led by an experienced educator, call us. We’ll even suggest a few great topics if you'd like. Or, if you don’t have a chavurah, we’ll help you put one together.

Hungry? We bake challah! Gather five of your friends and we’ll come to your kitchen to teach you the practical and spiritual elements of making this delicious Jewish Shabbat bread.

Seeking inspiration? We send speakers. Our staff of rabbis and teachers are available for the community. Add a little thought-provoking Jewish learning to your next meeting, celebration or function.

Whether it’s to ask a question, practice your Hebrew or just plain shmooze, feel free to call or stop by Gardens Jewish Experience anytime and say, “Shalom.” 


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