Join us every Friday night and Shabbos morning.

Friday night: Mincha begins approx. 15 minutes before candle lighting followed by Kabbalas Shabbos/Maariv. During the summer months Mincha begins at 7:00.

Shabbos morning: Shacharis begins at 9:00 followed by a scrumptious Kiddush at approx. 11:30.
Kiddush sponsorship opportunities are available in honor of one's birthday, anniversary or any other joyous occasion, as well as in memory of a loved one/Yartzeit.

Please call Rabbi Moshe Cheplowitz at 561-460-7706 for any further questions or inquiries.

Additionally, if you would like to arrange a Minyan during the week, either for a Yartzeit or for a Shiva house, please call Rabbi Moshe Cheplowitz.


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