Yom Kippur- New Year's Revolution Continues

Please join us and experience Yom Kippur with the Gardens Jewish Experience at the Embassy Suites Hotel (PGA & Military) in Palm Beach Gardens.

Please note that all services, lectures, classes and youth programming will be at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The community pre-fast and break-fast meals will be at GJE Center. (Babysitting will be provided throughout the services and lectures.)

RSVP for the Pre-Fast and/or the Break-Fast Meal(s) by Clicking here

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors who have made the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur programs possible.

As Rosh Hashana just concluded and Yom Kippur is approaching, our Rabbi's tell us that it is apropos and meritorious to enhance our repentance, prayer and charity at this time. 

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