RSVP NOW: New venue, New guest lecturers and New caterer for the New Year!

Rosh Hashana begins tonight! We are excited to present once again a very meaningful and inspirational High Holidays Program. 

This year it will be held at a new venue, Meyer Preparatory School. We will be joined by our dynamic guest lecturers, Coach Daniel and Ilana Ratner. Many of you may remember Daniel, as he has been a guest lecturer for GJE on a number of occasions.

We will be providing delicious catered meals by Kosher From Z'Heart.

As in past years, we have so many sweet options!

Traditional Services

Inspirational Classes

Explanatory Services

Youth Programming

Catered Holiday Meals


Babysitting and youth programming will be provided throughout the services and lectures.

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This robust and inspirational High Holidays program is only made possible with the help and generosity of our partners/sponsors. Please consider being a sponsor- we are grateful for your consideration!


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